Indonesia's Recycled Plastic Resin Manufacturer

Welcome to RECO WORLD, We recycle and create recyclable plastics

Be Plastic Neutral

RECO is an end-to-end plastic waste management company that integrates plastic waste recovery into recycling centers across Indonesia. We focus on coastal and outreach areas where waste management is nearly unavailable.

RECO is the official operator of IPST Toisapu, Kota Ambon

IPST Toisapu is an Integrated Waste Management Installation located in Ambon. We are authorized by the local government to operate this facility

Our Project

Gowa Run 10k 2022

Gowa Run is a fun run event where RECO is the main sponsor for this activity

Makassar Half Marathon

RECO has participate in Makassar Half Marathon on 2 October 2022.

Collaboration between RECO and Ambon City Government

RECO is collaborating with the Ambon city government to find a solution for the plastic problem in Ambon

Why We Need Recovered Plastics
why you should change

Recycled plastics substitute virgin material

Collecting, sorting and recovering plastic waste is substituting the use of virgin plastics and therefore more environmentally sustainable

It is as good as virgin plastics

Recycled material can be turned into high quality applications. We will use our expertise in various plastics production processes to help you design your desired product.

Contributing to cleaning the environment

Using recycled plastic materials means you become part of a circular economy, consult with us for a co-branding and eco conscious campaign.

Our Impact

Ambon MRF

947.601 Tons

Recovered Material


Makassar Recycling Center

2.063.131 Tons

Recovered Material


Ambon MRF

4.063.131 Tons

Recovered Material

Our partner
Our Factory Location

PT. Million Limbah Makassar

Pallangga, Gowa South Sulawesi, Indonesia

PT. Million Limbah Ambon

Hutumuri, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia

PT. Million Limbah Pasuruan

Wonorejo, Pasuruan, East Java, Indonesia

PT. Sang Plastik Indonesia

Driyorejo, Gresik, East Java, Indonesia


You Need Our Products? Let's Talk About Details

Currently we provide our products for various scales, both large scale for industrial use and small and medium scale for small and home industries

We Collaborate to Make Impact

We are aware that currently plastic is a complicated problem in Indonesia, so to create better use of plastic, we collaborate with various stakeholders of society and local governments. Do you want to collaborate for change? Please contact us.